Wine Producers

Sales of alcohol is strictly regulated in Sweden. Private consumers can only purchase wine, beer and spirits through the state-owned monopoly "Systembolaget". The monopoly, however, is required to supply any product that a consumer wants to order, given there is an approved importer of that beverage. Systembolaget itself does not make any direct purchases. All purchases are made through approved importers - like Bazaar Wine & Spirits AB.

Restaurants, hotels, catering or other businesses can buy their wine either directly from an approved importer/distributor or from Systembolaget. To have your wine sold in Sweden you must sign with an approved importer. Once that is done, your wine can be sold to both consumers, restaurants, hotels, bars and catering.

Do you want to access the swedish wine market? Bazaar wine is an established and approved importer of alcohol and spirits to the swedish market. Contact us to establish a sales channel to sweden.

Swedish consumers appreciate quality and are less price sensitive. Contrary to what you may believe, the Swedish alcohol monopoly actually promotes variety and better quality in wines and spirits.

Systembolaget’s standard assortment includes over 2.400 different beverages which have all been tested and approved by the monopoly’s purchasers. There is also a temporary product range with products that vary by season. Another 12.900 products are available to order from certified importers like Bazaar Wine & Spirits and others. Although alcohol is quite heavily taxed, the alcohol tax is only based on the alcoholic content. A cheaper wine and a quality wine with the same alcoholic content will have the same tax added to the base price. The price gap between low- and high-end products thus becomes less significant.

Promotion or marketing of alcohol of any kind using low prices and special offers is completely forbidden in Sweden.

As a result, the Swedish wine consumer on average favors wines of better quality. The Swedish wine consumer is used to spend on wines and often prefers wines of good quality.

Constant exposure to a broad product range has increased the willingness to try new wines.

Accessing the swedish market
In order to access the Swedish wine market, you will need to find an importer, approved by Systembolaget, that is willing to sign an agreement for distribution of your products.

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